RamCleaner 6.9

A light software package that cleans up your PC, solves issues and optimizes RAM usage

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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RamCleaner 6.9
RamCleaner 2014

RAM Cleaner is a utility that clears in-use but abandoned memory and defragments what remains.

There are a lot of disk utilities on the market will scan your drive, eliminate zero-byte and unneeded files and then, defragment the in-use space. The goal here is faster and more efficient performance. RAM Cleaner is similar but it operates on your random access memory rather than your hard disk drive. Since most users have a lot less RAM than storage space, the process is usually quite fast comparatively.

RAM Cleaner is a lightweight program that can sit in your system tray and be activated with just a button press. It will scan your memory. It will eliminate any memory that’s been abandoned but not cleared, and then it will defragment the remaining memory. Defragmentation is the process of consolidating data in a storage area so that, in theory, its accessed faster and more efficiently.

It’s worth noting that memory defragmentation isn’t universally considered a productive task. Many question its usefulness particularly on modern systems. Even if the defragging is useless, however, it’s not harmful, and the clearing of memory on low-memory systems can have some use. Many modern PCs have a lot more memory than a user will access at any given time. In such a scenario, it’s probably best to just let Windows do it its job, which will it will over time.

However, RAM Cleaner can be situationally very useful. For instance, video games will sometimes ship with memory leaks that decrease performance the longer you play. The usual remedy is to shut the game down and restart it. With RAM Cleaner, you just click a button, and it will get rid of all that memory space that the game is taking up but no longer actually using.

RAM Cleaner is a tool. It doesn’t provide any safeguards or make recommendations on use. This isn’t so much a strike against the program, but there is the potential for misuse by users. It is possible to create instability on a per-application or systemwide basis. Such instability isn’t anything that can’t be overcome with a reboot, but it could lead to data corruption in saved files and other lasting ramifications. Therefore, users should take precautions to save and so forth before any attempts to clean their RAM.


  • One-click operation
  • Free up memory
  • Defrag memory


  • Potential application volatility

RamCleaner is an application designed to "clean" a computers RAM memory. The purpose behind the application is to aid in enhancing the functionality of a computer.


  • A prime positive element of RamCleaner is its ability to "clean" a computer's RAM memory in a relatively efficient manner. Running the application results in a "reorganization" of the RAM memory, which speeds up the overall operation and functioning of the computer.
  • RamCleaner is designed with an easy to use interface. The application itself is basic and does not require a complicated interface. A person is able to learn the interface easily, even an individual with only a small amount of experience in computer maintenance programs and applications.
  • Another of the benefits associated with RamCleaner is found in the ability to schedule specific run times for the application on a recurring basis. For example, a person can schedule the application to run its cleaning operations on a weekly basis. The application can be scheduled to run at a point in time when a computer is not likely to be in use.
  • Another benefit of RamCleaner is found in the fact that it is easy to download and easy to install. The whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes. In addition, RamCleaner is an application that needs only a small amount of a computer's resources.
  • An additional positive element of RamCleaner is its compatibility with the different Windows operating systems. The application is compatible with all of the Windows operating systems that remain widely in use, including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


  • Although RamCleaner does not glom onto a significant amount of a computer's resources when idle, a computer user has to step aside and let it perform its tasks or experience a notable slowing of other programs when it is operating. As noted previously, a person can avoid this type of issue by scheduling RamCleaner run times at a time during the day when the computer is not likely to be needed or in use.

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